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October 22, 2014 Posted by A Natural Affair Beauty Lounge - No Comments

Moisture and protein are important to the elasticity and strength of our hair. This balance is not 50/50 but more like 80/20. About 80% moisture and about 20% protein.

A wet hair assessment is when you check the health of your hair while it is wet. If your hair feels weak and mushy like wet cotton, the hair is lacking protein. If the hair feels hard, tangly and brittle, the hair needs moisture. Examining your hair after washing and conditioning will help you learn a lot about the health of it. Your hair will tell you what it needs.

If you are noticing that something is off about your hair but you can’t quite put your hands on it, schedule a consultation with a natural hair care specialist. It is best to seek out the assistance of someone who is trained and knowledgeable in the areas of healthy hair care, instead of trying to fix everything yourself. Sometimes weak, thinning hair is not always a result of poor maintenance or product. It could be an internal issue.

Here are a few ways to maintain the moisture and protein balance in your regimen:
1. Deep condition with a moisturizing conditioner on a weekly basis
2. Use a heat cap or steamer when deep conditioning
3. Use a light protein treatment bi-weekly or once a month depending on your hair needs
4. If you enjoy Ayurvedic regimens, you can use henna on a monthly or quarterly basis

Hopefully these tips are very helpful. If you have any questions about how to maintain your hair, feel free to post your questions or comments below. You can also schedule a consultation with A Natural Affair.

Healthy Hair Writer: Tnisha J.