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Start a journal.
Keeping a journal helps you keep track of which products worked well and which products did not meet your expectations. It also gives you the chance to learn product ingredients.

Keep it simple.
At the beginning of your journey you may feel that you have to try every product on the shelf before finding the perfect combo for your hair. This could prove to be fatal to the health of your hair. Trying several different products at one time and switching up every other week does not give your hair time to adjust and it really doesn’t give you time to learn what your hair likes.

Build from a foundation.
The foundation to most natural hair regimens consist of washing, conditioning, moisturizing and sealing. Starting with a simple regimen such as this will allow you a chance to try one to two different products at one time. You’ll be able to keep more detailed notes and become more comfortable with your hair.

When it comes to moisture and protein we want our hair to be balanced; however, a moisture and protein balance is not 50/50. It is more like 80/20. 80% moisture and 20% protein. The best way to start your regimen is to use a moisturizing conditioner one week then use a protein conditioner and moisturizing conditioner together the next week. Continue to rotate the conditioners until your hair feels moisturized yet strong.

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Healthy Hair Care Writer: Tnisha J.